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Welcome to BNK (UK) Ltd
BNK (UK) Limited is set up in the UK as a provider of intermediate services to “BelOil” and other oil sector companies from Belarus, with the task to assist in pre export finance raising, streamlining transfers with European customers, establishing and maintaining direct contacts with the British and other European petroleum products traders, freight forwarding, bunkering and insurance European companies.
Company's main Activities
   Negotiating contracts for fuels supplies to the North West Europe with national and international oil trading companies interested in oil-products from Belarus.

 Liaison and negotiations with banks and financial institutions for structured and not structured trade finance, hedging trade operations, raising finance and signing credit agreements. Liaising and negotiating contracts with insurance companies.

 Liaising and negotiating contracts with shipping companies.

 Liaison with oil sector institutes and organizations on consultancy, training and analytical services for Belarusian Oil Sector companies.

 Liaison and negotiating contracts with oil terminal companies.

 BNK (UK) Limited is also interested to promote mutually beneficial proposals from UK and other European businesses for co-operation with Belarus in the petroleum sector.
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